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News and Events


Conference WhyFLOSS Neurowork performed successfully in the IE Business School

On May 18, 2011, Neurowork organized the 10th edition of the Madrid Conference WhyFLOSS 11, continuing support for the promotion and dissemination of free software and open source.

The conference showed that free software is a productive and business reality, beyond the technological aspects, and that is being used extensively in all countries. The speakers at the event were, Jesus Gonzalez, Alvaro Lopez Ortega, Angel Barbero, Alejandro Sanchez Acosta, Igor Zubiaurre, Victor M Fernandez, Roberto Canales, Álvaro Morlan, Diego Parrilla, Fernando Aparicio, Toni de la Fuente, Alberto Abella, Alicia Feliciano Finally Jose Maria Iglesias. You can visit the event website where you can learn in detail the presentation of each speaker.

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Latest news

19-09-2011 Neurowork participates in the meeting SIMO Network 2011
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29-10-2010 Neurowork get the award of a contest CENATIC
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09-12-2009 Neurowork organises the 9th edition of WhyFLOSS Conference in the EOI
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30-03-2009 Neurowork joins Legal Software Campaign
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Latest events

31-05-2011 Conference WhyFLOSS Neurowork performed successfully in the IE Business School
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31-03-2011 Free Software Conference WhyFloss
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05-11-2010 Neurowork assist to answers SIC event
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28-10-2010 Neurowork asiist to RedHat Enterprise Conference Virtualization 2010
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